Thank you to all those who have supported St. Nicholas Academy.

Capital Region Medical Center has been a huge help to the St. Nicholas Academy by providing the space for the children to live.

When Elizabeth Huber first approached Capital Region’s President, Gaspare Calvaruso, and explained the concept of the Academy to him and asked for his help, he replied:

“Elizabeth, I like this idea. We know there’s a need in our community because we often care for the kids you are talking about in our Emergency Room – first as little kids with any ailment because their families don’t know where else to go, and then later as young people as victims of violence and drug abuse because they don’t know another life.  The Academy could help break that cycle of poverty and abuse.  We are excited for you and the community that this project is close to becoming a reality.”

With Capital Region Medical Center’s help, we have over 9,000 square feet of space available for the children to live, grow, and be safe.